Travel Resources

Updated Jan 20, 2023

Find here a collection of resources that may help make your travels smoother and more prepared. Whether my personal planning documents, do’s and don’t’s for countries, or general information, I will try my best to update this with information as I explore the world.

It’s work in progress, so bear with me please.

I’ll sort my information below into the following categories: Regions I’ve traveled to; by routes I’ve taken; and further travel advice.

By Region I’ve Traveled


North America

  • Canada
  • USA

South / Central America


  • China
  • Japan
  • Qatar


  • Egypt
  • Morocco

Routes I’ve traveled:

By Train

  • 4353km: Chicago to Los Angeles (both USA), Texas Eagle
  • 3924km: Chicago to San Francisco/Emeryville (both USA), California Zephyr
  • 1194km: Lublin to Zamosc to Lublin to Warsaw to Torun to Poznan to Krakow (all PL)
  • 1007km: Berlin (DE) to Vienna (AT) and vice-versa, Spree-Donau-Kurier
  • 932km: Berlin (DE) to Vienna (AT), Metropol
  • 887km: Graz (AT) to Berlin (DE), Vindobona
  • 846km: Warsaw to Torun to Poznan to Krakow (all PL)
  • 792km: Toledo to Washington, D.C. (both USA) and vice-versa, Capitol Limited
  • 761km: Berlin (DE) to Linz (AT), Berolina
  • 654km: Krakow (PL) to Graz (AT), Porta Moravica
  • 624km: München to Berlin (both DE), ICE Sprinter
  • 611km: Berlin (DE) to Kraków (PL), EC 57 Wawel
  • 514km: Tokyo to Osaka (both JP)
  • 455km: Chicago to St. Louis (both US), Lincoln Service
  • 416km: Poznan to Krakow (both PL)
  • 406km: Chicago to Ann Arbor (both USA), Wolverine
  • 403km: Graz (AT) to München (DE), Chiemgau
  • 388km: Sofia (BG) to Belgrade (RS), via Dimitrovgrad and Nis
  • 352km: Berlin (DE) to Zielona Góra (PL) and return, EC 57 Wawel
  • 338km: Berlin to Hamburg (both DE)
  • 322km: Trencin to Poprad to Kral’ovany to Oravsky Hrad to Kral’ovany to Trencin (all SK), in one day
  • 302km: Osaka to Hiroshima (both JP)
  • 300km: Warsaw to Torun (both PL)
  • 292km: Salzburg to Graz (both AT)
  • 272km: Berlin (DE) to Poznan (PL), Berlin-Warszawa Express
  • 286km: Hamburg to Berlin (both DE)
  • 243km: Stralsund to Berlin (both DE)
  • 237km: Vienna to Graz (both AT) and vice-versa
  • 235km: Nis to Belgrade (both RS)
  • 232km: Berlin to Stralsund (both DE)
  • 232km: Lublin to Warsaw (both PL)
  • 196km: Graz to Schladming (both AT), and vice-versa
  • 184km: Cottbus to Brandenburg an der Havel (both DE)
  • 150km: Potsdam to Cottbus (both DE)
  • 148km: Brandenburg an der Havel to Frankfurt an der Oder (both DE)
  • 145km: New York City to Philadelphia (both US)
  • 138km: Torun to Poznan (both PL)
  • 118km: Kral’ovany to Trencin (both SK)
  • 116km: Zamosc to Lublin (both PL)
  • 103km: Popgrad to Kral’ovany (both SK)
  • 101km: Kosice to Poprad (both SK)
  • 91km: Dimitrovgrad (BG) to Nis (RS)
  • 88km: Casablanca to Rabat (both MA), and vice-versa
  • 66km: Amsterdam to Den Haag (both NL)
  • 62km: Sofia to Dimitrovgrad (both BG)

By Road

  • 1592km: Montreal to Ottawa to Toronto to Niagra Falls to Windsor (all CA) to Chicago (US), by car
  • 1225km: Belgrade (RS) to Sarajevo (BA) to Split (HR) to Graz (AT), mixed modes
  • 1156km: Road trip in Costa Rica, by car
  • 1024km: Chicago to Louisville and back (both US), by car
  • 954km: Hurghada to Cairo and back (both EG), by taxi
  • 951km: St. Louis to Indianapolis to Ft. Wayne to Chicago (all US), by bus
  • 888km: Berlin (DE) to Graz (AT), and vice-versa, by car
  • 870km: Chicago to Detroit (both US) to Toronto (CA), by bus
  • 761km: Den Haag (NL) to Berlin (DE), by bus
  • 680km: Vienna (AT) to Berlin (DE), by bus
  • 656km: Berlin (DE) to Amsterdam (NL), by bus
  • 644km: Split (HR) to Graz (AT), by bus
  • 613km: Krakow (PL) to Berlin (DE), and vice-versa, by bus
  • 498km: Berlin to Regensburg (both DE), by car
  • 484km: Windsor (CA) to Chicago (US), by car
  • 477km: Hurghada to Gizah (both EG), by taxi
  • 472km: Chicago to Detroit (both US), by bus
  • 425km: Graz (AT) to Venice (IT), by car
  • 403km: Ottawa to Toronto (both CA), by car
  • 398km: Detroit (US) to Toronto (CA), by bus
  • 396km: St. Louis to Indianapolis (both US), by bus
  • 393km: Washington D.C. to Richmond (both US) and back, by car
  • 392km: Regensburg (DE) to Graz (AT), by car
  • 378km: Niagra Falls to Windsor (both CA), by car
  • 365km: Graz (AT) to Porec (HR), by car
  • 354km: Ft. Wayne to Chicago (both US), by bus
  • 352km: Kleinmachnow (DE) to Prague (CZ), by bus
  • 349km: Wroclaw (PL) to Berlin (DE), by bus
  • Copenhagen (DK) to Malmö (SE)

By Boat

  • Rhodes to Athens (GR)
  • Napoli to Stromboli (IT), and vice-versa
  • Mainland to Tortuguero (CR)

By Plane

  • 10532 km: Amsterdam AMS to Lima LIM, with KLM
  • 9720: Paris CDG to Tokyo NRT, with Air France
  • 9225: Osaka KIX to Amsterdam AMS, with KLM
  • 8795: San Francisco SFO to Amsterdam AMS, with KLM
  • 8737: San Jose SJO to London Gatwick LGW (and LGW-SJO), with British Airways
  • 7715: Vancouver YVR to Amsterdam AMS (and AMS-YVR), with KLM
  • 7575: Vienna VIE to Chicago ORD, with Austrian
  • 7366: Beijing PEK to Berlin TXL (and TXL-PEK), with Hainan
  • 7277: Munich MUC to Chicago ORD, with Lufthansa
  • 7173: Washington IAD to Vienna VIE, with Austrian
  • 6978: Chicago ORD to Frankfurt FRA (and FRA-ORD), with Lufthansa
  • 6196: Frankfurt FRA to New York JFK
  • to be continued