Fishy business in Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market

This is going to be one of my posts with a bit less writing, rather letting the photos speak for themselves. But before I do so, let me provide you with a bit of background information on what you are looking at.

The Tsukiji fish market was the largest fish and seafood market in the world, until it closed on the 6th of October, 2018 (I visited in July of 2017, so roughly a year before its closure). The sentiments towards tourists were mixed here, as the trade of seafood, mainly of Tuna, is serious business with a lot of money being involved. In fact, the inner market had limited access for tourists.
Tuna auctions started most days at around three in the morning, selling the best fish to the highest bidders. They took place in the inner market, where around 900 vendors had their stalls. The market had operated since 1935. So, without any further ado, here are some photos from my morning visit to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

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