Three-week American: Day 22 – Visit to the UN HQ (and more)

It’s maybe not something that every New York tourist would like to visit, but the UN Headquarter was definitely a “must visit” on my list as a “geeky New York traveler”. And that’s exactly what we did today. We had booked a tour, and the tour guide was well informed. Over all, it was very well done in my opinion. On the tour we also got to see the well-known glass bottle that melted in the nuclear attack on Hiroshima. After the tour I bought a collection of flags in the shop – all the non-European countries I have visited so far, as well as those that I will visit with the Think Global School next year.




After that, we walked through the streets of NYC for a while and absorbed the atmosphere – I tried to capture it in some photos; I’ll leave it to you whether I managed to or not.



And finally we ended up at this windowless skyscraper. This is the AT&T building, where most of the trans-Atlantic internet traffic goes through. At the same time the North American aerospace control (NORAD) is also operating from inside the building. The house is built to withstand a nuclear attack and work sealed from anything on the outside for thirty days. And even though there’s no glass and steel to be seen, it fits into the rest of the city quite well.


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